Beaufort Boudoir Photographer SC

A Beautiful Boudoir Session with Mrs. Jenny

“I want to look back at this time in my life and celebrate how strong and beautiful I am. I rarely feel that way as a busy mom of three so I wanted to do this for me as well as surprising my husband with an album.I saw examples of the beautiful pictures Emily has taken of friends and other women on her website. They are so thoughtfully composed and really capture the essence of the woman being photographed. Prior to viewing Emily’s work, a boudoir shoot was not something I considered; this is truly art.”


“I had an UNBELIEVABLE time! I was worried I would be too shy and awkward to get any good pictures but I had a difficult time paring them down as they were so remarkable! I was totally at ease and felt proud of my body and who I am. Emily is truly a gifted artist; able to give give easy-to-follow directions and capture incredible shots while keeping things comfortable and friendly.”

“Being in my 40s and having three children has affected the way I view myself. These images and this experience have made me feel beautiful and desirable. My husband commented that the me in these pictures is how he always envisions me and what he sees when we are together romantically. That was a big wake-up for me! I can not recommend this session with Emily highly enough! It will change the way you think of yourself in so many amazing and positive ways, bring you great joy, and show you just how beautiful and strong you really are.”

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