Beaufort SC Boudior Photography

Boudoir Session with Mrs. K

“I wanted to celebrate me! I will be 30 years old this year and I am in a place in my life that I’ve never felt more confident, secure, aware, alert, and alive! I wanted to document just how damn good I look – so when I’m 70 sitting on a porch I can look back and be like…. WOW I looked amazing, what a life I lived!”

“I had a BLAST! From the minute I dove into this journey I have felt empowered, strong, brave, and beautiful! I was a little nervous but the nerves went away after just a few minutes.”

Beaufort SC Boudior Photography

“I already knew I was a badass, I just have the pictures to prove it now.”

“Emily YOU are amazing! Thank you for capturing ME, a side of me that not many people see – a side of me that I WANT the world to see – because I am strong, I am beautiful, and our bodies should not be something we are embarrassed of – we should embrace who we are and be bold!

Beaufort SC Boudior Photography

Thank you for capturing my boldness and helping me to see it for myself!”

You Are READY!

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