What inspired you to book The Boudoir Experience?



I’ve always put everyone else first. My family, my friends, my work all get 150% of me. But at the ripe old age of 54, I finally feel like I need to put myself first. The kids are raised. I did a great job of parenting. I do a great job of caring for parents, but if I don’t take care of me, there will be nothing left, so this is my year!!!!!

I wanted to reboot how I felt about myself. I looked in the mirror every morning and saw the same tired, frustrated, frumpy, fat self even after losing 15 lbs.

I realized I had too do something about my self perception. 

How did you feel in the days leading up to your session?


Nervous! and sometimes I thought I’d just change my mind, but I convinced myself too stick out.

I was rewarded with some amazing shots that make me feel so good about myself!

What do you think was fueling those emotions?

I have always been very uncomfortable in front of a camera and I’m quite introverted. I knew that I’d feel this way the closer we got to studio day.

Tell me about your experience. How did you feel after your session was complete?


I was nervous upon arrival, but by the end I was quite comfortable. I’m sure I will do it again in the future and will be completely at ease.

It Was a great confidence boosting experience. I left the studio feeling amazing!


How did this experience change your perception of yourself?


I don’t really perceive myself as beautiful but I looked stunning in these photos. It DEFINITELY changed my perception!


 What a fabulous experience. Every woman should experience this in their younger years so they can go forested fierce and confident!


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