The RAW Project  |  $250

A Personal Project & Experience Curated by Emily Scott Pack Fine Arts

  • Pre-Shoot Phone Consultation
  • Professional Posing & Coaching
  • Private Preview and Ordering Session

This project was created to encourage & empower women to see themselves for the vulnerable, beautiful, and authentic humans they are.

This is THE EXPERIENCE that will teach you to LOVE YOUR WHOLE SELF, even your tummy, those tiger stripes, and bits and pieces you want to hide. It will show you the beauty that shines through you!

No prep needed.



Just YOU + ME. And my camera documenting THE REAL. AUTHENTIC. WOMAN. in front of me.

“I walked away from this session feeling uplifted and empowered. I not only had a newfound love and appreciation for my body, but most importantly for myself and who I really am. It broke down those barriers I kept up and allowed me to realize that there is a ferocious, beautiful, and breathtaking power in being a woman, in being myself.”  -KH

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