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Fine Art Nudes, A Personal Project.

I have been photographing women for quite some time, however I started on this photographic journey long after attending art school and falling in love with my figure drawing classes. They were magical and challenging all in the same moment. Learning to see light and darkness in a whole new way.  Creating from the figure is so inspirational and I feel like it allows for a true connection with each viewer.

fine art nude boudoir photography beaufort sc

I have always had a passion for creating art about a woman, it comes naturally since I am a woman. We create with what we connect with most.  I am building a series of Fine Art Nudes and this is Part 1.

This body of work is a personal project that I am cultivating, creating, and exploring just for me. I want to create art from my personal visions with photography just as I always have with painting. This is different from being hired to photograph someone, its less about them and more about me.  It allows me to push my own boundaries and really grow in a new way.

In a traditional Boudoir Session that I create for my clients, the entire session is about them. Its about creating the experience they truly need it to be to become that beautiful woman that the rest of the world already sees.  Its about pulling back the layers of themselves that allow for self doubt, those horrible layers that allow you to compare and to judge yourself.  We create this experience through portraits that builds your self confidence and empowers you to be better!


Fine Art Boudoir Beaufort SC Emily Scott Pack

I cannot say thank you to this amazing woman. She is absolutely breath taking and so incredibly courageous to step in front of my lens on this particular day with a  40 Degree Sunrise. I am honored to photograph her and love learning more about her every time I have the chance to work with her.

When we met she said she hated her smile, we fixed that issue in our first session together. Her smile is Contagious!


You Are READY!

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