About Me


Emily Scott Pack (b. 1982 Alabama) is an American artist raised in Alexander City AL. She recieved her Bachelors of Fine Art in Painting from Auburn University in 2005. She also studied abroad at Glasgow School of Art. She is a contemporary artist creating paintings in Encaustics and mixed media. Emily predominately focuses on color and texture at this moment in her career allowing the emotion of her healing journey to direct her. Her painting inspiration is pulled from nature and her connection with spirit allowing it to shine through her into her artworks.

She has exhibited her works since 2002 in the Southeastern United States, United Kingdom, Thailand, and Japan, while also teaching Encaustic workshops to help others learn the Encaustic techniques. Emily is a multi faceted artist and women’s portrait photographer that just relocated from the South Carolina Coast to St. Louis, Missouri.  She now creates from her home studio while navigating virtual school days with her daughters.

Art Statement

I strive to create art that allows the viewer to experience the vast emotions that life brings to my path in hopes that I can show other women that they are not alone on this journey. I use the natural environment surrounding me for color and texture inspiration when creating with Encaustics.  I find so much peace in creating works of art based on how the hues and chroma can relay emotions of joy, gratitude, frustration, anger, empowerment, spirituality, hope, sexuality, fear, safety, happiness, and so many more as they occur in my life every day. Colors are truly powerful and have the ability to evoke specific emotions.  I want the viewer to connect with the painting through the emotion and truly feel the color and what exactly it creates for them.