Where are you from?

I am originally from Alexander City, Alabama. I was born and raised on Lake Martin and I LOVE being surrounded by water. Water just helps energy to flow and I need that in my life.

Where did you learn photography?

I picked up a camera when I was little and I have always loved shooting. I photographed everything I could in High School, and worked on the yearbook staff and newspaper. I remember my print bills were insane because it was all 35mm then.  In art school I took a few photography classes and learned how to physically develop photos in a dark room. It was amazing.

When did you start a photography business?

I started taking portraits in 2009/2010 in Iwakuni, Japan. Our wedding photographer encouraged me to start a business and Ive never looked back. I started with families and couples then created the Boudoir side of my business in 2011. My main mission is to create art and experiences that are empowering.

Do you offer your digital files?

Yes, you may purchase your digital files! I full heartedly believe in printing portraits and want to create beautiful works of art for my clients. However, I do understand sometimes you need or want to have digital files as well, therefore I offer them when clients request them.

Do you travel?

Yes of course! If you commission me to photograph you in a different location then my current location of Beaufort, SC, I ask that you cover all my travel expenses. I absolutely love to travel and will come to you. If you have a group of friends that would like to experience a Boudoir Session with me, we can set up a full day Boudoir Party!

How long does it take before we receive our Fine Art?

All Boudior Sessions will be delivered approximately 4-6 weeks after our session together.

Can we order later?

Each Boudoir Session includes one private design consultation for us to select the images you would like to create works of art with. You will need to bring all the deciding parties to the design consult and you must leave a  25% deposit of your order that day if you plan on participating in a payment plan.  I do not keep copies of your images on my computer once we have ordered your images and wall art.

Do you have a payment plan?

Yes, I sure do. Creating art for my clients is my passion and I want everyone to be able to enjoy this experience. I will order all of your prints, wall art, and albums upon receipt of your final payment. I recommend using PayPal Credit to insure your products are delivered in the time frame that you want. However, I will set up interest free payments for you based on a monthly payment plan.

How Does Paypal Credit work?

You will set up your paypal credit account and then click the invoice option to pay total bill. Paypal will then pay me in full while we are sitting together. I will design and order your art and you will execute your payments with Paypal for 6 months of interest free payments. Voila! Everyone’s happy!

Do we get the copyright of our images?

Many photographers give out a ” print rights release ” that states you may print your images where you choose but you cannot sell or edit them in any way. A copyright simply means that I am the creator of these images and I own the copyright. Selling or obtaining the copyright is not possible, but you will have the right to print and share them as much as you like.

Lets Talk Social Media and Image Sharing.

I know you have probably seen a lot of my work online or on social media, but it is so important for me to stress that all of our sessions are 100% private. The only person present at your shoot is myself and sometimes our amazing Studio Manager will be there too.

Your Boudoir Portraits are NEVER shared anywhere without your permission.   All the portraits  on my website are signed and released with full permission to share. There’s is NEVER any requirement to share images in order to have a boudoir session with me. I fully respect your privacy and will never post your portraits unless you agree to sign a model release to do so.

Do you offer Professional Retouching?

Yes, ofcourse! Professional retouching is included with every session. I am happy to remove any blemishes and stretchmarks, in addition to bruises  you may have on the day of your session.

On the day of your preview you will see a collection of proofs. These images will be developed but not fully edited. I choose to show your portraits to you this way so that you can see how amazing you actually look straight out of camera. You can then tell me if you would like any bruises or stretchmarks removed. Each portrait that you choose will then have a complete edit including a light airbrushing of your skin to soften any hard lines or remove any chill bumps.

Please note: I do not do extensive “body reshaping” as part of my retouching, but I work with clients to find the most flattering poses for their shape during their session, which makes this unnecessary.

Are the women on your website paid models?

No, but they ALL could be! Arent they gorgeous?!

The women on my website are real women just like you who went through professional styling, makeup and hair. We put together the perfect wardrobes and they trusted us to create breathtakingly beautiful portraits. We would LOVE do the same for you.

My clients range from early 20s through 60s with every body type possible.

Are makeup and hair included? Can I just do my own?

Every session includes Professional makeup and hair styling. Getting your makeup and hair done sets the tone for your session. It gives you time to relax, get to know us better and feel pampered. But more importantly, having a professional do your makeup means they know how to do camera-ready makeup that will truly make you feel and look Beautiful!

They know the secrets and wonderful ways to take your natural beauty and highlight it. Honestly, you will want to have a professional makeup artist go with you everywhere once you experience this luxury!

If you have a very specific hair style in mind, or simply want to come with your hair fully styled, that is perfectly fine.

I feel like I have A LOT of makeup on. Am I going to look like myself?

Don’t worry! It looks like a lot of makeup in person but it will look just right in-camera.   Remember that some of the makeup naturally “falls away” in the natural light, and in the processing and retouching of your images.

However, we want you to be happy, so speak up if you want to make an adjustment. The makeup artist is happy to talk with you about making any adjustments to the makeup after you’ve had some time to get used to it.

How long will the session take?

Makeup and hair take an hour and a half on average. The photographic session also takes 45 minutes to an hour. Your entire session will last 2-3 hrs from start to finish.

What should I bring to the session?

We will plan your entire session during your Boudoir Consultation with me. We will talk about all the wardrobes that suit your body type best and accessories to pair with them.

In general here are some things you’ll want to bring:

– 3 to 4 outfit changes like a mix of lingerie, special items (like a favorite shirt of his or jersey) and any other options you’d like

– Accessories – jewelry and other items like a hat, veil etc.

– Sexy shoes!

Do I bring my own clothes? Do you have some I can use?

You will need to bring your own outfits. I have a few special options you are welcome to use but it’s important that the items you pick fit you just right, so we know what you bring will fit best!

Posing…. Who knows how to do that?!

This topic is by far one of the biggest concerns for my clients. Please don’t worry, I will walk you through and show you how to do every position and pose during our session together.

I always tell my clients that posing for photography feels strange and even hurts sometimes from using muscles your body doesnt use on a daily basis. It definitely is not comfortable all the time and if the pose feels a little weird, you are  probably doing it right!  You do not need to practice the posing in front of a mirror, I will take care of you and coach you through every step of the way.

When will I see my session images?

About two  weeks after your session, I will invite you back to the studio for an in person viewing and design consultation of your complete gallery. You will choose your favorite proofs that you want to have edited and added to your album or fine art prints, along with the little details about your album design.


Do you ever run discounted sessions or specials?

I do occasionally offer discounted sessions for special holidays or monumental times in my life. I tend to run these specials to the followers of my Emily Scott Pack Boudoir Group on Facebook first. Make sure to join now to keep up with whats happening!

I do not offer “mini” sessions at this time outside of party-based sessions or marathons.

Do you offer boudoir parties or bridesmaids-type parties?

I offer private mini marathons just for this type of group! It’s a great way to bond. Some girls like to have a boudoir party and then have the bachelorette party that night while they’re all glammed up with professionally done makeup and hair!

Groups of 3 or more receive discounted session rates.

What is a Model Release?

I have alot of clients that feel their session was transformative and want other women to see all their hard work so they choose to sign a Model Release for me to share their story.  No one ever has to sign a model release to do a boudoir session with me, only to have their portraits and their story shared on my blog, website, or social media.

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