Low Country Babies | A Beaufort SC Lifestyle Session

This Family is so dear to my heart I do not even know where to begin. I am so honored to be here with them in the Low Country sharing this space in time and these priceless moments. Steph & Cody have been on this journey of Marriage, Parenthood, and Military Life with us for quite some time now. Since meeting each other in Flight School, for our husbands, and our tour of Japan for us, our lives have always seem to run parallel and it has created the most epic of friendships.

You know when you meet a person and it just clicks? Thats Stephyface for me. She is like a second sister to me and we have seen it all together! Stephanie and I were friends before the babies came and those stories are for another day, but then we both got pregnant with our firsts, and then our second. It has been amazing raising our children simultaneously and together when possible. In 2015, our military journey directed us into the same town together again, in the same squadron, living in homes across the street from each other and we are so lucky to even get to work together too! Its really amazing to have your best friend with you through it all and with out the Military this would have never happened. For that I will always be greatful!

Now we come to the end of 2016 and we are gearing up to welcome Steph and Cody’s sweet baby #3 into the world. I am so excited to watch their family grow and even more excited because I get to photograph her birth. I cant wait to tell their birth story!!!

Steph is one of those women who make you crazy because she gets more gorgeous with every pregnancy! How is that possible?!! Isnt she just stunning? And those big girls, I love them like my own.

Love you all! I cant wait for our next journey together to begin.


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