Mother’s Day 2018

Happy Mother’s Day Beauties!!

This Mother’s Day I wanted to reach out and try to help as many Mothers and Women as I could.

Keep Reading to see what I found….

Who has looked through there intimates drawer only to find a bunch of bras that don’t fit or you dont wear anymore?

Well I did just that a few months back and thought to myself, surely there are women out there that need a bra, I cant bring my self to throw all 13 of these out with the trash.  I started my search for organizations that would take gently used bras and came across

an organization called I SUPPORT THE GIRLS.

This amazing organization takes new and gently used bras and delivers them to women all over the United States and the World who need them. They believe that a woman who finds herself homeless shouldnt have to choose between feeding herself and her children and getting a Bra or Menstrual Hygiene items. I am so excited to find this incredible organization and Im so happy we are able to donate to them this mothers day!

Heres The DEAL:

Donate Bras = Save $ on your Boudoir Session!


  • Every Bra donated equals $25 in Boudoir Bucks.
  • All of your Boudoir Bucks will be subtracted from The Ultimate Boudoir Experience session cost of $375. 
  • You may donate as many bras as you like. ( Win Boudoir Bucks for the first 8 bras donated )
  • Donate Up to 8 Bras = $200 discount your session!!!
  • Book your date from our Boudoir Calendar in order to use your Boudoir Bucks. ( Dates available through October 31st 2018 )
  • Bra Donation Codes only available on The Ultimate Boudoir Experience & The Couples Experience.
  • All Bra Donations must be Delivered to the Studio this Week.
  • Use Codes: 2BRAS, 4BRAS, 6BRAS, 8BRAS when booking to cash in your Boudoir Bucks.
  • Boudoir Bucks only available on New Sessions booked for Beaufort SC Boudoir Studio, Not available on Travel Sessions.



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