New Works of Art in the Satellite Gallery @ Circa 1838

What is Encaustic Painting? I know you must be asking yourself that very question.

Encaustic is an ancient medium that was used from 5 BC by the Egyptians. It has been around for centuries and is such an amazing art form. The compound has changed quite a bit from earlier times but the standard use of natural bees wax and damar resin still holds true.

I use natural bees wax, mostly local from Lady’s Island. The wax is farmed with the honey at Clovers school, how incredible is that? I absolutely love that it comes from a heart filled source and know that it has made it full circle as we live off their honey too.

I mix the molten wax with crystalized damar resin in a hot skillet and then use it to paint. I love the warm natural color that it presents itself as and then I add powdered pigment or oil based pigments to create multiple colors. There are many wonderful companies such as R&F Paints that do alot of this for you too. I love using their colored cakes because they are so densly pigmented that it makes for very rich tones in my work.

Encaustics is an amazing medium because it dries instantly then you fuse the layers together with heat. I prefer a blow torch or a heat gun to do this. Yes I do paint with a traditional brush but the Blow Torch is my painting tool as well.

Stop by Circa 1838 located at 610 Paris Avenue in Port Royal SC to see these works of art up close! Feel free to touch each one, the texture is Amazing!!

Each painting is for sale! Email, Call or Message me to add one of these incredibly unique works of art to your collection. You may also purchase directly from Circa 1838!


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