Pink Magazine Beauty Edition

Last Month I had the honor of being apart of Pink Magazine’s beauty edition with Circa 1838. We were able to showcase the amazing hair and make up team  and finished the spread with a live boudoir session in the studio.  Ive never had a reporter sit in on a session with a real, first time boudoir client! She took pictures of me photographing as well, which made me nervous! You know Im on the floor with my clients and my booty is all in the air too!

Our model, Donna, is retired military, a pillar for the community, and a single mother. As someone who stays so busy, she leaves little time for herself, which is why is was such a treat for us to be able to spoil her for the afternoon.

When Donna arrived upstairs, we styled a few looks for her to try on and after selecting her favorite pieces and accessories, we got started with the session!

 There is always so much joy and empowerment in each session and it was an absolute blast to have such a radiant personality in the studio with us for the afternoon!


Thank you Pink Magazine for hosting us for the beauty edition and shining light on the Boudoir experience to your readers!

You Are READY!

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