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Betsy Landis Animal Photography Branding Session

When Betsy contacted me to create a branding session and headshots for her, I was absolutely honored and so excited to meet her. I could not wait to see her work and get to know her more. She arrived to the studio and we planned photographing her in a lifestyle setting that would show her laid back personality but also her beautiful art work and professionalism. Our day together was SO MUCH FUN creating the perfect looks and adding in all the details for her new website. I am so happy that Betsy chose me and I cannot tell you how in love I am with this session and this Artist yall! 
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Why did you choose Emily Scott Pack for your branding session?

“I found Emily on Instagram and was already an admirer of her art and photography. When I decided I wanted to find someone to capture my work I instantly thought of Emily. Emily is known for empowering women and supporting her community. As someone who has a hard time being on the other side of the camera, I really felt that Emily was the perfect person to create these branding images with me.”

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Beaufort South Carolina, Headshots, professional photographer, Animal Photographer
Professional headshots, South Carolina Photographer, Branding Photography Session, Professional Photographer

What is a branding session with Emily like?

“Emily and I had put together a detailed plan of everything we wanted to shoot. This made everything go so smoothly and with all the excitement I knew exactly what to do. I was a bit worried about coming off awkward in the photos but Emily walked me through every pose. She helped me feel so confident and comfortable in front of the camera. It wasn’t just a photo session, it was an experience that helped me grow as a photographer myself.”

Branding Photographer, Professional South Carolina Photographer, Animal Art
Professional Branding Photographer, South Carolina Photographer

What will you be using your branding images for?

“I really wanted a professional looking website, where visitors could have a clear image of who I am and what I’m creating. These branding images gave my website a major facelift! Social media is also an important part of my business. Being able to share photographs that are more relatable that catch the eye will help me connect with potential clients and customers.”

South Carolina Photographer, Branding Photographer, Headshots, Branding Session, Animal Photographer

What would you tell someone who is interested in a branding session with Emily?

“One hundred percent go for it! If you are wanting people to invest in you and your business, you need to invest in yourself. The images Emily created were above and beyond my expectations.”

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