The Birth of Baby Charlotte

Chrissy and Matt, I am so honored that I was invited to document the Birth of sweet baby Charlotte. I love you both  and I am so happy that I was able to serve you in this special way. You make one amazing team and I am so proud of you both! Thank you for letting me document such a monumental event in your lives. XO

Dear Charlotte,

I watched you grow inside your mom for 9 beautiful months.  We knew you were such a strong baby already and we hadnt even met yet. You decided it was time to come into this world on what we thought was going to be December 1st. Your mom text me her contraction patterns for over an hour, we chatted, talked about how it all felt with you preparing to come down to greet us. She called your daddy to come home from work and they headed to the hospital. I headed that way to meet them only for the Dr’s to say it was still too early. Your mom knew better though. As soon as they got back into the car to drive home, you started getting ready for your exit once again.

Your Dad told me at 11pm that they were heading back to Coastal Carolina in Bluffton because it was really time now. I wasnt with your mom during her pre-labor but she describes herself as an Animal so she knew it was time for you to come. I met them at Midnight at the hospital and your mom was a beacon of light in a room full of darkness. She was so ready for you to come into this world, chatting and laughing like no other. We all made the mistake of planning your birth time, we should have known you were already an independent woman like your mother. We were all on your time now just waiting for you to feel ready to enter this world.

All 4 of your very excited and devoted Grandparents arrived at 4 AM and waited for you to come see them. You hold the very special treasure of being the first born grandchild on both sides. You will always be very special. Your mothers labor progressed as you readied yourself to come down the birth canal. Your mother started her first push to encourage your bag of waters to break. They ruptured and we thought for sure you would be out anytime now. Once again we learned this valuable lesson that you are in control.

Your mother pushed and pushed with all her might for 2.5 strong hours. She did such an amazing job with unwavering strength. You gave her no breaks and she powered through and took your challenges.  Your sweet father stood by her side holding her hand and encouraging her every step of the way. He helped push her forward to better her form, as he calls it. He told her she was amazing and she could do this over and over again. He labored right along side her and kept a strong connection to her so that she felt confident and safe through out the entire process. I was so proud to watch the both of them work through every single contraction, knowing each one brought you closer to them. You worked your mama hard little one. She endured a very intense labor and pushed over and over again with out ever giving up or giving in. She fought for you, they both did. You are so loved sweet Charlotte, so loved.

You finally decided it was time and you made your grand entrance. Your chord was wrapped around your neck so Dr Tolbert, who smiled through out the entire labor, cut the chord immediately and passed you over to the nurses. They checked you out to make sure everything was ok since the chord was there when you were born. You took a few second to cry out and had your mom worried. We all reassured her that you were fine and your daddy left her side for the first time to come be with you. He wanted you to know he was there. He felt your hand and you immediately grabbed his finger. We all cried knowing this miracle had just taken place. That a perfect little human, a beautiful little girl had just joined the family.

The Nurses took great care of you and you made it over to your moms chest to snuggle in for a long nap. She cried tears of joy to meet you. Your father kissed her and they celebrated the miracle that you are. Your mom looked down and said, I havent even seen her face, what does she look like? We all agreed you were gorgeous!

You were born at 12:54 pm on December 2nd 2016. You were a big girl weighing 8.4 oz and 22 inches long. You gave your mom and dad the best gift they can ever receive, The Love of a Child.



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