The Birth of Baby Ruby

I am so over the moon to have witnessed such an incredible birth of sweet baby Ruby. I have known this amazing Mama since 2009 when we met in Japan. We have always had our babies at the same times but we were both in different places. I was so excited when she shared with me that baby 3 was on the way and I would be able to photograph her birth!

Check out the photos as we documented her birth and read the letter to Sweet Ruby below.


Dear Ruby,

Your mama and daddy have been waiting for such a long time to meet you, Im so happy you are finally here! We all have been so eager to find out if you were going to be a little boy or a little girl. What a blessing it is for your Mama to have 3 sweet Girls to love her for all her life.

On the day before you were born your Mom had a Doctors appointment, we just knew she wouldnt need that appointment because you would be here already. We knew that with this being her 3rd baby that you would come early and would be wrapped in her arms on Christmas Day. The days leading up to Christmas came and went. Still no Ruby. All your family was here waiting for you to arrive and you were sticking to your guns that you would arrive when it was your time too.

The Midwife at your moms appointment told her she could help you arrive by breaking her bag of waters. They came home and gathered their things, had a yummy breakfast, kissed your sisters goodbye and headed to the hospital. I was so excited to finally be able to come be witness to your arrival. But at last, you werent quite ready yet. You let those waters flow around you but it didn’t encourage you one bit. I waited eagerly for the call that it was time for me to come document your birth but the day and night passed. I knew your poor mama was so ready for you to be here and in her arms.

The Doctors at the hospital started your mama on a medicine that would help her contractions to build stronger. After a few hours, her body, mind and soul were so ready for you to come. Your daddy called me at 4 am, told me she was 6-7 cm and I raced to the hospital. When I got there your Mama was a pillar of pure strength. She was on a Pitocin drip to bring you down and had no medicine for the pain. She exhaled through each and every surge as they became more and more strong and her body started preparing for your entry into this crazy world. Your sweet and loving father stayed near her to encourage her that she could do this.

The last bit of dialation went so fast and Wow, it was already time for you to come! The nurse called and the Midwife was still on her way to the hospital. Your mama told the nurse she felt like she needed to push. The nurse told her not to push, the Dr. Isnt here yet!! I laughed and told your Mama to do what her body was telling her to do. If you were ready, it was time for you to do what you needed! Your father was holding on to your mama through each contraction as she gripped his arm harder and harder. The surges came faster and stronger and your mama began to take her breaths deep into this beautiful place of primal sound and movement. She focused on your dads face to continue to soar through the surges, while he applied pressure to her back and continued to lovingly encourage her to continue doing such a great job.  She looked at the nurse and yelled, ” just tell me what to do!” Your head was crowning and the pain took your moms breath away. I looked down and couldnt believe that she had progressed so quickly, you were ready now!

I moved behind your Mama to get the best angle to photograph you as you entered the world. Your daddy had a hold of one leg and the nurse had another. He kept telling your Mama she could do this and to push. I looked over and your head was out but your chord was wrapped around you, the nurse quickly cut the chord and then your Daddy yelled to your Mom, Push Stephanie! And there you were,  A beautiful, purple and red bottomed, Baby Girl! He told Stephanie you were a girl and the nurse passed you over to your mom’s chest. Your mom said Hey My Ruby! I cried tears of sweet joy to see your face and here your name for the first time.

Ruby, You are the spitting image of your sisters and Im so lucky to have witnessed your birth. It was truly an honor to serve both your Mother and Father during your birth. I am so proud of your strong and amazing Mother for laboring with such unwavering strength and loving dedication to you.

You are so incredibly loved by all that know you. You are a blessed, beautiful, Buras Girl!



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