The Couples Experience

The Couples Experience is the perfect way to document the connection and love that you share with one another while sparking joy and lighting that fire in your love life all over again. It gives you the chance to preserve your intimate love story through fine art photography for all of eternity. It is truly one of a kind experience that will leave you wanting more.

Your session will begin with hair and make up and some relaxing time with champagne and music, then we will start our session together in the ESP Studios. You will have 2 different wardrobe changes throughout the session to tell the best story of you both combined. Each session is unique to the couple because of its intimate nature and all images are kept private unless a model release is signed. We will document the sensual sides of you both and the intimate interactions that bind your love for each other.

These sessions are truly so much fun, you will be giggling and laughing the entire time as I pose you and move you around. Don’t worry, you do not have to know how to pose or what to do. I will take care of all that for you! Your only job is to have fun because this brings out the light and love in you both and makes for the perfect portraits.

The Couples Experience starts at $625