Welcome Home!

I am so thrilled that I was able to capture such a beautiful moment for Catie and her Husband. What a special event Homecomings are. Can you imagine being seperated from your loved one, your partner, your husband for over 6 months? Being a Military Spouse myself, I know exactly what she went through. I remember the ups and downs, the emotions, the anger, the sadness, loneliness, and also the pride that you have for what your husband is doing for you, your family, and for this country. But as we all have learned, anything that can go wrong while they are deployed,  WILL! In the moment that frustration arises but in the end it does nothing but make you stronger! Since joining the military community as a spouse 8 years ago, I have come to realize one common thread….. These wives and spouses are a force of their own. Each one has its own super power and can handle any challenge you put in their path.

Catie is one of those women who just gets stronger and stronger with each passing day. She is a Powerhouse of a Woman and her energy is contagious to say the least. She will have you laughing in no time and can bring a smile to anyone’s face, including kids. Did I tell you she is an incredible teacher? Im so thankful that she came into my life and love calling her a friend now.

Im so happy that her husband made it home safe and sound into her arms once more. I know she feels whole again now that he is home with her. I am so proud of you both and all that you do. Thank you so much for serving your friends, family, and country! We love you!




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