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Welcome Moran Twins | Beaufort, SC Birth Photography

Dear Grant and Maggie,

Your mother and father prayed and prayed for you. They hoped and wished for you until you finally became a growing reality. Then they both, along with your Big Sister Elsie, loved you with more love than your sweet little hearts could ever imagine possible and this is what makes you so incredibly special.

I watched you grow inside your moms belly for 8 whole months. You both changed and grew so much, it was such a joy to witness. On the weeks and days before your arrival we squeezed in portraits of your mom with your dad and big sister. We had to document this amazing journey your family went through to have you both here in this world with them.

At 515 am on Saturday morning your mom called me and I jumped outta bed to run to the phone.  She told me her water had broken and she thought they should head to the hospital. She was talking through her surges so well, I thought to myself, I bet she could labor at home a while. I told her to give me a call back when they got settled in their room at the labor and delivery center. Little did we all know, yall both decided it was time! Im so glad they went straight in!

Your dad called an hour later at 615 am and said Ashley is at 9 cm and we are in the OR. Come NOW! I jumped out of bed, raced to the car and sped to Beaufort Memorial. I was so scared that I would miss you both.

When I arrived at 645 am, they gave me scrubs, a mask, and a head cover with happy smiley faces on it so that I could enter the OR. Ive never worn such gear before in my life, and it made me nervous! I entered the sterile operating room to find your mom in the midst of a powerful surge, your dad holding her back for support and a full team of nurses and staff all dressed in blue and buzzing all around. Everyone was there to make sure you both entered the world in the best way possible.

Your mom smiled when she saw me and said she was doing good, I could tell she was in the zone and just touched her head and reassured her that she she could do this. Your dad was so focused on your mom, it was a beautiful sight to see him helping her with every surge and push. Your mom continued to breath through her labor pains and gracefully accept each rising surge as they came closer and closer together. Your dad gave such amazing support, I never saw his hand leave her head. He coached her and stood by her with every incoming and outgoing wave of pain making sure that she was ok every second of your arrival.

You both were welcomed into this world in an Operating Room full of Love and Light by two parents who couldnt have been more grateful to call you their own. Your mom is a rock star like none I have ever seen before. She can do anything gracefully and I am certain that you will fall into her footsteps. You are truly blessed little ones, truly blessed.

" Moran Twin A "

Sweet Maggie, you were first to enter this world. Your mom pulled herself up by her legs and pushed through that last contraction with all her force and might.  You came out head first with a little help from the Midwife.  Jana. Your mom labored with you as quite and peacefully as anyone could ever hope to. She showed such incredible strength and determination to give you the birth that she had imaged for you. You came into this world as Baby Girl ” A “, your mom was keeping your sweet name a secret. They layed you directly onto your mom and she looked at you with such love in her eyes. She exhaled a breath of relief as she looked back at your dad, so proud that you were here.

Maggie Christine Moran, you were born at 713 AM on Saturday April 29th. You were 6.2 lbs and 18.5 inches long.  You were immediately swaddled and got to meet your daddy. He had the proudest smile on his face as he looked at his new baby girl for the first time. He continued to hold you while your mommy started laboring to bring  your sweet brother into this world. After your brother arrived, your father brought you to your Mommy so that she could see your sweet face. You layed on her chest and looked into her eyes with yours, you knew immediately who she was. Watching that connection was such a beautiful moment that I will never forget.

" Moran Twin B "

Sweet Baby Grant, you were the tricky one, the one who kept us all guessing. You were turned a little sideways so the Midwife and the OB had to work on you for a minute. Dr. Mattingly gently put her hands onto your mommy’s belly and felt where your head was. She slowly rotated you so that your head was facing downward and we all had a sigh of relief knowing that you were in the perfect position to come down the canal now. It took you a few minutes to get ready but your mommy starting pushing as the surges became stronger and stronger. Your daddy stood right next to your mom, continuing to encourage her while holding Maggie. The OB was a little concerned about  your heart rate so she gave you some assistance with the vacuum. She pulled you out and sweet boy, you were not happy about it! You came out screaming up a storm but you made it to your mommies arms in no time.

Grant Joseph Moran, you were born at 735 AM on Saturday April 29th. You were 6.0 lbs and 18.5 inches long with a clear set of lungs! You were swaddled tight and immediately handed to your daddy, he turned and looked at your Mommy with the biggest smile. He is so proud to have a son to carry on his legacy. You were so happy to be in your daddys’ arms and you immediately knew it was him, those cries subsided and you were calm. Your daddy brought you over to meet your mommy as she delivered her placenta. She looked up at you and even though she had used every bit of energy to bring you both into this world, she smiled and shed tears of happiness and relief knowing you both made it safe and sound.

Grant and Maggie, You both are so incredibly lucky to have the amazing family that love  you so much. Your mother labored tirelessly to bring you into this world. She never uttered one sound and was an incredible pilar of strength. I was in awe of her strength and determination to deliver you both the way she had envisioned. I am honored to have been invited into this moment and to have witness the birth of you two. I cant wait to watch you both grow up!

Ashley and Grant,

Thank you for allowing me to document such a beautiful experience . You are both so blessed and surrounded by so much love. I am so proud of you both for working so incredibly hard to achieve the dream of growing your family. Two is always better than One!

Sweet Ashley, you are the strongest woman I know. It was a true honor to serve you and Grant in the birth of your babies and growth of your family. Elsie will thank you for the rest of your years for giving her the sweet gift of a Brother and Sister.



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